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Product Recall Call Center

Your Answering Service for Product Recalls

So your business has a product recall. Now what? Your top priority should be to open up a line of communication with your customers. Show them you care and protect your brand by offering premium customer service from the onset of the product recall process. Choose a product recall answering service to answer all of your customers’ phone calls, relay accurate information, serve as your help desk service—answering every question callers might have—and coordinate repairs, the return of defective parts or products, and the fulfillment of replacement items.

Why You Need a Product Recall Call Center
Your product recall call center and answering service solution

Some businesses make the mistake of trying to handle a product recall in-house. This removes staff from existing business tasks and ties them up answering phone calls. A product recall often leads to a flood of inbound calls to your business. If you cannot manage a sudden surge in call volume not only will your customers suffer, but so will your business productivity. Don’t make the mistake of swamping your existing staff with calls for a product recall. Let Answering Innovations, the call handling experts, manage your product recall so you can continue business as usual.

Product Recall Hotline

Your business will receive a toll-free number enabling your customers to call in for more information about your product recall. When your customers call this 24/7 product recall hotline they can expect to learn details of the product recall and receive further instructions. Call center agents will answer customer questions based on your protocol with empathy, reassurance, and professionalism, providing peerless customer service while protecting your business's brand.

Your Product Recall is Our Priority
Your product recall call center and answering service solution

Need immediate setup? Answering Innovations has toll-free numbers programmed into our switch available for immediate use. Your 1-800 number can be set up immediately. As soon as our dedicated call center agents are expertly trained on your product, we can start managing your product recall.

Recall Services

A live 24/7 product recall answering service available to answer customer telephone calls for your business around the clock.
24/7 Telephone Answering

No matter when customers call your product recall hotline, professionally trained call center agents will be available to answer questions, provide further instructions, and facilitate a successful resolution.

Product recall call center help desk services include responding to customer inquiries and providing assistance as needed.
Help Desk Service

Questions inevitably arise for any product recall. Provide unparalleled customer support by letting our award-winning call center agents answer questions your customers might have based on your protocol.

Our product recall after hours answering service and overflow service ensures prompt support for your customers.
After Hours & Overflow

Want to manage some calls and forward the rest to our call center? No problem. When call volume exceeds your telephone answering capacity, our 24/7 answering service is here to serve you, day and night.

Exceed Expectations with Product Recall Satisfaction Surveys
Product recall call center takes satisfaction surveys to gather information and provide supreme customer service for you business.

After addressing every concern your customers have and facilitating the repair or return of defective products, Answering Innovations will go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Experienced and dedicated outbound call center agents will call your customers and take satisfaction surveys regarding your product recall. Satisfaction surveys show customers you care, strengthen your brand, and supply a wealth of useful information about your product recall campaign.

About Our Product Recall Call Center

Answering Innovations is an inbound call center, outbound call center, live telephone answering service, and virtual receptionist service in business since 1977. All agents are based in the United States. Our product recall call center provides scalable customer service solutions capable of handling any type of product recall, including the following: Appliances recalls, automobile recalls, beverage recalls, car recalls, electronics recalls, food recalls, hardware recalls, pet supplies recalls, software recalls, and toys recalls. You name it—we can help!

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